WLS and RTLS installer

This is a guide on how to install WLS and RTLS apps to your brand-new (or factory reset) device.


Step-by-step guide:

  1. First, we have to go through the initial setup of the tablet.

Press Start

Click More and afterwards Accept
Choose a Wi-Fi and connect to it
Click Don’t copy
Click Skip
Unclick Send usage and diagnostic data, let the other options be turned on. Afterwards, click Accept
Click Skip

For device specific ID click Skip
For system navigation we will use 3-button navigation.

2. After the initial step, you should be in the tablet Main screen.

Main screen

3. Go to Settings → System → About tablet

About tablet screen

4. After clicking 7 times (magic) on “Build number” you should get a message: “You are now a developer”

5. If not already done, connect the tablet to your PC through USB with according cable.

6. Proceed to Developer options.

Developer options { } 4th from the bottom in this case.

7. Inside the developer options find USB debugging and turn it on. You should immediately get a pop-up dialog like this.

Tick the Always allow from this computer and press Allow

8. Download WLS_RTLS_installer provided by your twinzo contact person.

9. Download the newest WLS and RTLS apps provided by your twinzo contact person. Your downloads will look something like this.


10. Unzip WLS_RTLS_installer to folder of your choice. Unzipped folder will look something like this.

11. Click tConnect_installer.exe


12. Choose File for your WLS and RTLS apps that we downloaded earlier.

Apps already loaded

13. Keep all the checkboxes checked and press Install.

14. Both RTLS and WLS should start with proper permissions already in place.

15. I suggest to restart the tablets and afterward, they are ready to be used.