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How to import sensor data with the twinzo Excel?

If you want to import some of your data to our Web Portal, you can use our twinzo Excel configured to import your data.


Twinzo authorization

API Key - you can create your own API key here and paste it after the creation,

Client Guid - please, contact us for this information, and we will send you your own Client Guid,

Branch Guid - you can find this Guid here and paste it here.


Login - you can choose between a column or a sheet. This is the mode of data import. The sheet will import a whole sheet with the name of the sensor title and the row will import only the row with the name of the sensor title.

Sheet login mode



In the column mode, you have to specify the Sensor ID manually. Here you have to give a ‘Login name’ to set a device you want to import values to.

Time source - this is just a source of time, you can choose between current time or data. The current time will automatically add a time of import to every entry and in the data option, you have to specify the date of entry obtained from the sensor.

Time format - this specifies the format of a time if it is UNIX (1682329824) or DateTime (24. 04. 2023 11:50:24)

Columns indexing

This is used just for indexing columns in the sheet. It is better not to change as it can break twinzo Excel data import.

Data types

  • Int32 - for whole numbers

  • Decimal - for decimal numbers

  • String - for string

Run import

After filling out all explained above, you can click this button ‘Run import’. The data, that were in the second sheet you will see in a while in the portal.


twinzo Excels for download: